The RE-Properties website was established as a central location for interested parties to find information on surplus land and properties currently available for sale.This extensive portfolio includes undeveloped, currently vacant, and developed properties with varied land uses and potential.

Use the GIS-based map at the bottom of this page to locate properties across the country or search to find available sites that meet your criteria.



Use the GIS-based map to locate properties across the country or search to find available sites that meet your criteria.

301 S. Grand Street at 3rd Avenue SE, Amarillo, Texas

Acres: 21.49

Parcels: 3

Zoning: I-2 Heavy Industrial

1441 C Street, Anchorage, Alaska

Acres: 0.32

Parcels: 1

Zoning: RO – Residential - Office

625 N First Avenue, Kelso, Washington

Acres: 0.64

Parcels: 2

Zoning: GC – General Commercial

103 W. McAndrews Road, Medford, Oregon

Acres: 0.78

Parcels: 1

Zoning: I-L Light Industrial

505 South Gila Street, Yuma, Arizona

Acres: 0.6

Parcels: 1

Zoning: Industrial

NW Catawba and Schoolhouse Rd, Port Clinton, Ohio

Acres: 1.16

Parcels: 2

Zoning: R-2 Residential

2665 The Alameda, Santa Clara, California

Acres: 0.39

Parcels: 1

Zoning: CN – Neighborhood Commercial

2320 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW, Atlanta, Georgia

Acres: 0.35

Parcels: 1

Zoning: C-1 Community Business District

1024 Hensley St, Richmond, California

Acres: 1.86

Parcels: 2

Zoning: IL – Light Industrial

518 Quincy Ave, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Acres: 0.21

Parcels: 1

Zoning: C2P – Community Commercial

Richmond Pkwy, Richmond, California

Acres: 11.92

Parcels: 1

Zoning: PR-Parks and Recreation

4 Bridge St, Salinas, California

Acres: 0.59

Parcels: 1

Zoning: Mixed Arterial Frontage

Multiple Parcels, Sitka, Alaska

Acres: 2

Parcels: 4

Zoning: R-1 Residential

2275 Tucker Industrial Rd, Tucker, Georgia

Acres: 3.90

Parcels: 1

Zoning: M – Light Industrial

5680 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada

Acres: 0.52

Parcels: 1

Zoning: C-1 Limited Commercial